Monday, January 31, 2005

Crappy action films with formulaic titles

What is it with crappy action films taking their titles from children's songs and nursery rhymes? While looking in video stores over the last year or so, I've noticed it's been done a lot. There was Gingerbread Man, and there was Reindeer Games... Oh yeah, I think there was one called Along Came A Spider.

I guess if you're making a run-of-the-mill, mainstream "gritty" action film and you can't think of a title, just take a couple key words from a nursery rhyme. I don't know if these have already been used, but expect to see movies titled:

Pumpkin Eater
Tumbling After
The Clock Struck One
Four And Twenty Blackbirds
The Little Dog Laughed
The House That Jack Built
Fiddlers Three
Jack Be Nimble
A Crooked Mile

etc, etc...

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