Monday, January 24, 2005

Folksonomy Sucks

The development discussion list for naturally brings up the topic of folksonomy regularly. While it's easy to find articles praising folksonomy and suggesting it may displace existing methods of identifying and locating information, it's not quite as easy to find skeptical, critical articles about folksonomy. I always like to see multiple viewpoints, so I sought out some skeptics. I've placed a number of interestring articles in with the tag "antifolksonomy."

Then, on a whim I did a Google search for "folksonomy sucks" and found that absolutely nothing comes up. So I've used the phrase here. I am the first!

At long last, I finally have a claim to fame.

And no, I don't necessarily think folksonomy sucks, so don't leap to conclusions!


Anonymous said...
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seawallrunner said...

you might want to check the American Dialect Society archives on their views about folksonomies. They take a bit of a dim view on the name, and on this new 'popular' (non-academic) practice.