Monday, November 03, 2008

Bridgette C?lette rocks the studio in a big, big way!

I had an amazing shoot Sunday with a fantastic new model, Bridgette Cōlette. Bridgette is a little bundle of wow. She is just as sweet as she is beautiful. But she's also versatile, expressive, and has the rare gift of being able to hit one great pose after another in rapid succession. This girl could really go somewhere, and I hope she does! Bridgette Cōlette is a little bundle of wow -- gorgeous, a sweetheart, and a talented, versatile model. We shot a diverse array of concepts that really show her range as a model. There is much more to come from this shoot, so keep an eye on my photos. Did I not say that Bridgette is versatile? The girl is amazing. I loved working with her, and hope to work with her again -- lots. I have to admit, I'm very pleased with my own work during this shoot as well. I did a lot of my best work ever during this shoot, and am excited to see where I'll go from here, and what I'll do in the future. One of my 3-4 favorite photographers ever is Kate O'Brien. I've admired her imaginative, thoughtfully-planned work for years. I have always felt that she is on a similar path to what I've been trying to achieve, but that she is far ahead of me. But this shoot with Bridgette was the first time I felt like I've started to achieve something like I've wanted to do -- the type of imagination, depth, planning, and attention to detail that marks Kate's brilliant work. I think I'm finally starting to get somewhere, and it's exciting. You'll see more of that in the rest of this shoot. I have only begun to post the photos.

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