Thursday, December 18, 2008

My Former Model Is Famous! (or infamous!)

Back in February and March of 2007 I did a series of four different shoots with a gorgeous, sexy, smart, funny and unforgettable model. At the time she made it very clear that she was serious about becoming a professional model. I tried to give her some good shots to show around to get started. Little did I know where she was going to wind up!

Just after our last shoot -- the one with the very popular boxing photo of her -- she went to California during spring break. I didn't hear from her for a while, and then she sent a message to all her friends saying she had made the "controversial" decision to stay in California for the time being.

We stayed in touch, but I had no idea what she was doing and I didn't intrude and ask. But she would sometimes allude to the "controversy" and that a lot of people in Washington State apparently did not support her. Then one day she posted new professional photos on one of her social networking profiles. I looked up the photographer, and found that my sweet model and friend was now a rapidly-rising porn star now working under the screen name "Tori Black." Yoinks!

Where others didn't support her, I immediately did. What does it matter what she does? And what is wrong with sexuality? No, don't post your reply below; I will delete it. There is no argument: there is nothing whatsoever wrong with sexuality, nor with the career path she has chosen.

For more than a year she did fairly typical adult movies with typically silly premises -- the tennis player who gets "tutored", the nanny who gets a "bonus", the naughty school girl who gets "punished", you get the idea. The first movies were obviously super low-budget, but some of the latest ones appeared to be a bit more elaborate.

But now she has truly arrived. She is the Penthouse Pet of the Month for December, and is on the cover. Making the cover and centerfold of either of the "big two" (Playboy or Penthouse) means you've arrived in the industry. It's a big achievement.

I'm proud of you, Tori. You did good. I'm lucky to have done four shoots with you when you were just starting out, and I'm glad to have helped you at the very beginning of it all. For all the fans of Tori who haven't seen the shots before, here are some photos from the four shoots i did with her before she got into the industry, when she was just starting out:

TORI BLACK shoots by Dave Ward Photography, February-March 2007

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